titty fish

Kelsey | 20 | California
I belong in a garbage can.

Tiny sleepy cis lady.

I post art, fashion, and nature, along with cartoons and unfunny text posts.
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I'm always anxious

Metalocalypse, cute things, pixel art, mineralogy, Touhou, interior design,
My Little Pony, TF2, Home Movies,
Kara no Kyoukai, Pokemon, cities, Higurashi, decoden, minecraft, neon,
Gravity Falls , nail art, King of the Hill, flowers, Venture Bros, Animal Crossing,
Vocaloid, Archer, Madoka Magica,
Bob's Burgers, Silent Hill, Twin Peaks.
I'm in love with Brendon Small.

I also have a blacklist or whatever


I missed these girls :’)

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