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Kelsey | 20 | California
I belong in a garbage can.

Tiny sleepy cis lady.

I post art, fashion, and nature, along with cartoons and unfunny text posts.
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I'm always anxious

Metalocalypse, cute things, pixel art, mineralogy, Touhou, interior design,
My Little Pony, TF2, Home Movies,
Kara no Kyoukai, Pokemon, cities, Higurashi, decoden, minecraft, neon,
Gravity Falls , nail art, King of the Hill, flowers, Venture Bros, Animal Crossing,
Vocaloid, Archer, Madoka Magica,
Bob's Burgers, Silent Hill, Twin Peaks.
I'm in love with Brendon Small.

I also have a blacklist or whatever


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imagine your current friend group but dwayne the rock johnson is an unquestioned part of it

drawing a uterus with glue and sprinkling glitter on it rly isn’t the epitome of feminism but boy does etsy seem to think it is


do u ever have that one female character who u like that could literally beat u up and you’d say thanks


I went to the airport for more exposure therapy and I was so fucking anxious I thought I was gonna throw up and I ended up turning around and going back home and I was sobbing the whole way home and I’m still crying I’m so so so angry with myself why can’t I just be okay with this all why can’t I just be fucking normal

I want to go to fstival supreme so badly I’ve never wanted to go anywhere more than I want to go to this but I’m so scared I won’t be able to do it and if I’m not able to do it I can’t even imagine what I’ll do I already fell back into benzo addiction and I’m still having panic attacks every night and nightmares about it and crying myself to sleep and I can’t eat or do anything I’m so scared

But if I don’t go I’m going to be so irrevocably angry with myself and everything that I am and just
This might be my only chance to see them live and meet Brendon and that’s so important to me and it’s stupid that it’s important to me but it is even though it’s a stupid concert I would give anything to go and



Garden City Movement // Move On (2014) 

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Minccino aaaand Glameow!!

and if there was a pokemon who looked like brendon i’d pick that one too because you’re my brendo pal


*sees something small and light pink* i must obtain this.


sex is a lot like metalocalypse. you have to get used to being disapointed. there is revenge. charls is there




"Rape culture is a part of patriarchy." - Chanty Binx

This is true because ALL RAPE is caused by men! And yes, cisgendered oppressors, I Googled it. Patriarchy is a society where things are dominated by men and women are largely excluded.

So with that being said, all rape is by men. Us ladies (the victims), do not rape. It’s simply impossible, because if a woman tried to rape a man, the man would always consent to it because they’re all perverted pigs.

Um… what?

so i just looked at OP’s blog and now i feel sad that some people won’t recognize this as one of the most obvious troll blogs in existence

Troll blogs aren’t even trying anymore but you know a million users are gonna jump on this immediately


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fus-roh-dumb: Hey! <3

Delphox and Mightyena <3 <3 <333

klokoween: hhhhey

Mawile for sure and alsoo Roselia

generalcrozier: hey friend

Rattata obv but also Linoone

oooh Duskull or Growlithe!